Markov’s Blanket

A collection of new works in video and movement by the Interference Ensemble (Tony Massett, Heather Saumer, Geoffrey Shea and Doug Tielli).

Early in the pandemic lockdown the Ensemble created Lying Fallow, an online, virtual video performance that outlined the feelings of isolation, doubt and hope that many were facing. Now, unaccustomed to crowds and naked faces, too long alone, eager but nervous to move forward, after vowing we could never go back to what came before. We discovered differences about ourselves and each other that have strained our micro and macrocosms. Endlessly online, we drifted into polarized corners of our civic discourse.

Markov’s Blanket describes a web of dependencies and influences that relate to a particle in a network. Some are within the blanket and the rest are outside.

The Ensemble is one particle within a larger network; its members are particles with their own network. For years this group has interacted and influenced each other in practical and theoretical ways in the production of art, music, performance, and conversation. Recently the Ensemble has created a large-scale video performance and an installation that were presented at the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film in Durham in July 2022.

The performance unfolds across a 20-meter-long projection screen with four projectors. Both live and recorded scenes depict individuals struggling to connect within crowds resulting in collaboration and conflict.

The installation also has projections onto an irregular screen made up of an array of round shapes. People in transit weave into and out of the space that is created.