Parade: The Journey

Installation with live performance at the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film in Durham Ontario. Three 40-minute video projections on three screens, with live musical performances interspersed.

Five-minute documentation:

“Piggy-backing off their grand success at last year’s festival, Interference Ensemble – led by artists Geoffrey Shea and Tony Massett – embarked upon a year-long journey re-interpreting community parades within the context of changing demographics in the rural social landscape. In the process, they are creating parades for the 21st century – transforming a familiar custom by re-centring the public and collective experience of community within individual narratives.

“In Parade: The Journey, the third instalment in a series of parade-themed video performances, the procession veers off main street and takes us out of a solely public experience. We peek into the private lives of people in the community; people the artists have developed relationships with and who have become a part of their own personal narratives. Each screen shows characters traveling through neighbourhoods and even through living rooms. They march along, playing their musical instruments while experiencing some of life’s narratives en route, before finally arriving at the arena. These individual journeys are projected onto a three-screen video installation which incorporates elements of the live performance. The projection is looped every 40 minutes. The foregrounding of the hyperlocal context involves a changing set of community members and geographical locations well-known to locals. Outsiders may experience the multimedia abstract performances as spectacles in and of themselves, but it’s the people living here in Durham and surroundings that can nod knowingly at Interference Ensemble’s familiar yet odd vignettes of life in this rural town.” (Debbie Ebanks, Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film)

Tony Massett and Geoffrey Shea would like to thank:

The Band

William Bossi, Hana Fortin, Jim Grant, Chris Palmer, Jenny Parsons together with Anna Gruda, Karen Poce

The Boat

Marc Fortin, Surya Leigh Mellor together with Judith Ketcheson, and the angry men: Nik Cherry, Rob Hodgson, Tony Luciani, David Sugarman, Ahbin Torra

The Bandages

Heather Saumer, Steve Morel together with Oshun Batten, Zoë Vine

and Doug Tielli, Milan Radan, Michael Tweed, Ruth Webber, Jane Dover, David Amonite, Henry Maldonado, Randy Murray, Riverside Fish & Chips, Durham Soccer Club, Garafraxa Café, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Municipality of West Grey and, of course, the Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film!

Original music for the band by Jim Grant
Original music for the bandages by Heather Saumer and Steve Morel
Original music for the Ensemble by Doug Tielli

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